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A neighborhood Art studio offering adventures in

art and creative making for All ages!

 Big Spirit Studio is closed for classes. 

For the time being Big Spirit Studio is not offering classes, camps or events.
 Jenna is working another job and using the studio space to make her own work.
Thank you for you interest and understanding!

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I keep it private and minimal.

jenna@bigspiritstudio.com                            510.761.8330
5327 Dover St at 54th in North Oakland, 94609
"My 9 year old daughter has had weekly lessons with Jenna for a year now, and the growth I see in my daughter’s capacity to express and create is amazing. Jenna has the unique ability to help a person bring out his/her particular vision, offering solid skills within that, but without narrowing the experience.  She loves working with all ages, and she is also an amazing artist herself!!"

~Ursula, wonderful mama of 2 wonderful kids

"From my 3 children's first class with Mama Jenna they were in love. She has the ability to create a haven of creative outlet for the different needs of our little ones. Her anything goes approach while having themes to work with allows little ones to fully take ownership of their own creations. We are grateful for her and her huge heart filled with exploding creativity.  Can't wait till the summer program begins! And by the way we sooo recommend you try it to!!!"

~Jimena, wonderful mama of 3 wonderful kids

"Words can't express what Jenna has done for my budding artists. Jenna took on teaching them, as homeschoolers, on a whim and it was one of the best decisions we ever made! Jenna gave them the space to create the type of class they wanted by giving them the tools, resources and guidance they needed to direct their creative desires. And let me tell you the spark she lit inside of my 12 year old is something every patent hopes to see! For my daughter, she saw her path. Her future. What she wants to do, be an artist and creator. Jenna listened to her and gave her exactly the right instruction for her, in a way that reached her. The creations that have come out of these classes are mind blowing and are displayed in our home now. And everyone us always shocked to know they were created by a child. My 9 year old son, started out classes with Jenna wanting to draw. Now, he writes several books and does all the illustrations. It is a passion he has, thanks to Jenna. And that is exactly what Jenna did for us, she gave them the skills and techniques to let their mind run free and talent bloom. She even did less formal classes for my 3 year old! We are happy to have been the prototype and first students of Big Spirit Studio. My daughter wants to continue to explore different art mediums , study art history and one day be a teacher too. All of this wouldn't have seemed a possibility without Jenna. If we did not move from the area, we would still be taking any and all classes Jenna offered! She is an amazing artist and teacher!"
~Tanya, wonderful mama to 6 wonderful kids