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Big Spirit Studio!

What is happening in this space

* My own art practice- Continuous creation of original and commissioned artwork!

* Classes and Workshops- I am serving homeschooling families, local families and individuals of all ages interested in going a little deeper into their creativity in drawing, painting, ceramics, print making and all kinds of mixed media!

* Community Art Access - Big Spirit Studio will offer two 2 hour free / by donation art sessions per month starting in May. As the studio grows I will be able to offer more free art classes and events! I will work with our neighborhood to include community art projects at the fabulous events such as MLK day, Dia de los Muertos and Mayday celebrated at our local park. Community art access is a core value of Big Spirit Studio; building this value into the studio growth makes it a foundational part of Big Spirit Studio.


I am Jenna Forder: mama, artist, creative facilitator, and I am so excited to invite you to support a big dream to come true! I have followed the path of art since I was small, drawing for hours every day where ever I was, all the way through college receiving my BFA in ceramic sculpture from CCA(C). Out of this passion, and with the support of family and friends, I built a working artist's studio for the purpose of making, showing and selling my art and facilitating access to the arts in our community. This is my happy place! I share my love for art making with my two kids, 6 and 2, and they provide plenty of inspiration!

Along the way I have discovered a love for teaching and collaborating with people in making and showing art. And now you can help me further my art practice AND help me spread my passion for making art to my community! Here in Oakland, as in many places, there is little or no art in the schools. What we do have is a thriving art community! By opening my art studio to the community, and offering my guidance and enthusiasm to local children and their families, I am increasing access to the arts for not just our young people, but for the community as a whole. What feeds me is when people find their own way to get their visions out, sometimes we just need some technical input and encouragement, guidance from a creative facilitator.

I already have some wonderful students and I want to expand my ability to offer my gifts in the forms of individual instruction, classes, workshops for families and individuals, birthday parties for all ages and fun creative community events. I have spoken with neighbors, and many in our community are very excited and enthusiastic about these programs, stopping me on the street to ask: "When can I sign up?"

Will you support my vision for my art studio? You will receive my deep appreciation and one of the fabulous thank you gifts listed to the right for your contribution! The studio is up and running, but in need of a little more financial support to be fully operational. And for your contribution I will send you some beautiful perks that will bring art right into your home! All my perks will be handmade by me with the help of a few of my students. They include hand made cards, prints, ceramic mugs and mixed media artwork. If you are local you can choose to take a workshop at Big Spirit Studio!

Art is Important!

Art and creating is an innate human tool for discovering and communicating. We've always needed to express ourselves visually. So many don't have access or even have come to believe they are not creative. At Big Spirit Studio I offer a compassionate and fun place to explore and create! To make a mess. We need this in our lives to deepen our understanding, to enrich the experience of life itself. It is time to try a color we didn't know we liked. To spill paint, to get messy. And to make objects that we are proud of. That inspire each other. I get energized just writing this to you!

What needs funding

Your contributions will help to get Big Spirit Studio running at a highly functional and professional level, and will help me to keep my pricing affordable and accessible! Here are some of the things you will be funding:

Kiln Shed- materials are $384

Electrical update for kilns- $500

Kiln repair and updating- I already have 2 great kilns that just need a little work- $615

Kiln furniture (shelves and posts)- $600

A second work table-approx $200 in materials

Chairs- $180

Easels- $320

Advertising, cards etc- $300

More Materials; clay, glazes, paints, brushes, screens for printing etc- $400

Childcare for first two months- $1000 (priceless!)

How else can you help?

Please share this website with your community! It is easy to share on Facebook, twitter and email. And that is a great way to support my project. Also look out for some fun workday/art-day BBQ events we will be having to keep the momentum going!

We also take material donations. Reusable odds and ends, fabric, paper, half used paints, new or unused art supplies, any of these things help keep costs down and imaginations fueled!

You can help me make art accessible to my neighborhood!

With Gratitude, Jenna

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