Art Day at Big Spirit Studio

Well it was off and on rainy on Saturday for the Flower planting, Art making BBQ over here at Big Spirit Studio. So it became a just Art making and Tons of Good Food in the Kitchen event instead. And we had a great time!

Kids and Grown Kids made fun hats and masks in celebration of Mardi Gras! I made some examples of hats the night before and I could have done it all night. There were so many different approaches, but the flapper-esque headband was the most popular. The big work table in the studio started off as a neat array of materials, different kinds of papers, popsicle sticks, feathers, paper flowers, pipe cleaners, glues, and puffballs etc, and by the end of almost 5 hours of continuous making by about 20 people throughout the day it was a piled, tangled, sticky, glittery nest of yes! There is something about the messy aftermath of creativity that I find very satisfying.

It gave me the tingles at times to see my vision coming to be. Families creating together, learning and exploring together. Making and laughing together. Big kids helping little kids. Little kids teaching grown kids. Oh my big full heart!

Towards the end of the day, thanks to a wonderful almost 4.5 year old, the making changed focus to creating fairy houses. My first reaction was “ I don’t have fairy house stuff out.” ( I usually have natural materials and pieces of wood for that project). But it was a creative group so they figured it out with what was already on the table. Using tape, hot glue guns, paper plates and anything else thought attractive to fairies, little dwellings of different styles and sizes were constructed. We even made some fairies to live in the house, including one with a rocking hot pink afro!

Wearing our new fabulous head attire we enjoyed great food made by my Super Husband, Jack. Thank you babe! for holding down the kitchen!

The conversation was lively and new connections were made. I had a great time! And the guest artists did too! The event was 12-3, but the last artists left after 5. The rest of the weekend I received emails and texts from folks who couldn’t make it asking when I was having my next event. It seems I will be having to do this more often!

Thank you Kay for being a super helper in the studio. Thank you Kale’a, my future apprentice (current student), you were so patient and helpful with the younger kids and their hot glue gun needs. And thank you to all the artists that helped each other and expressed yourself on Saturday!

Oh! Thank you to the folks who brought art supply contributions! That is so helpful in my goal of keeping art accessible for everyone.

As for the Indiegogo Fundraiser, Big Spirit Studio has been on the front page of the art section of the Indiegogo site since our awesome rally on Wednesday. That means I am getting more contributions and activity from people outside my communities! There are only 10 days left for my fundraiser and I still have a ways to go to reach my goal.

Please keep sharing and leaving those awesome encouraging comments on the Big Spirit Studio page! And please share through your social media outlets that you have contributed to this Great project!

I hope to be sending out my first perks this week! I’ve been having great fun making them.

having Fun and full of Gratitude, jenna

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