Thank You!

My last 12 hours of this Big Spirit Studio Indiegogo Fundraiser! At this moment it is 89% funded with just $495 to go! I do believe that we can make this goal by midnight!

And now the Thank Yous!

Thank you to my Dad for building Big Spirit Studio- with his bare hands! No, but he lent us the money to hire Denver and the lovely Semano family to build it! Thank You!

And to my mom and brother for their support and belief in me.

To my wonderful and hot husband, Jack, for so many things I won’t list them here, including putting up with and even loving my fire!

Thank you to Tanya,Tati and Tristan and sometimes Trinity for believing in me enough to be my first students in the studio even though it was a very rough space. I miss you guys!

Special Thank you to my chosen niece, Kale’a for making my monday Homeschoolers Creative Explorers fun and interesting! And for putting up with and starring in my videos!

Thank you Flesche, for being an awesome business coach for mom entrepreneurs! And for going for it so you can help others go for it! And to Karin for bringing me to Flesche and being on this adventure together!

Special Thanks to my neighborhood for being people I love living near in a place I love living. We are very blessed!

Thank you to my Circles of Women, especially my Thursday night crew! I have no idea how I functioned before you! Did I even?

Thank you Cory for working on my logos! I know it will be great!

Kiowa, you are always an inspiration to me to be more myself and live a life that is rich and full and authentic. One you can look to for guidance. Thank you for choosing me to be your Mama!

Thank you to my guides and mentors through the years including Frank Gonzales, John Toki, Kevin Nierman, Selena Green, Arthur Gonzalez, Samsarah Morgan, the Tarantinos, the Duceys Smokey Dagan, Sandy and Chris, Scott Donahue, Catherine and Michael. The list goes on and for that I am Grateful!

Thank you to each and every one of you who contributed and commented and shared my fundraiser. This has been truly amazing and educational! And only possible with your participation. And for that I am grateful and humbled. I have a lot of work to do to earn the the trust you have given me and I won’t letcha down!

Tomorrow, I rest.

The next day I begin getting the kiln shed built and the kilns and electrical updated! I have students waiting for this. I am ready!

Let’s go make Art!

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