What I've learned from starting an art studio!

As my first session of classes at Big Spirit Studio starts to winds down to that last two weeks and I work on my very exciting Fall schedule of classes and workshops, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m learning.Here is a bit of it:

  • Starting a business is crazy hard and exciting and terrifying and exhausting and fulfilling and more. And I can do it (you probably can too!). And other people are even interested and excited about what I’m doing.

  • When you do start your own business, get a coach or mentor. So serious. It has been invaluable.

  • Kids are my favorite teachers: Last week my 5 and up classes made faerie houses. One of the young artists found batting in the “Yes” materials. She and the the other faerie home architects began using it in ways I would not have thought of. Making a house for a Cloud Faerie or faerie sized sculpture with batting and shells and twisted feathers! I get all verklempt when that happens. I love it! There is my reminder, my lessons in creativity. Kids are often so free in that way. Uncensored by the remnant voices of Art School and other version of creative squelching.

  • Toddlers prefer projects that involve sensory experimentation. Not rubber stamps. No matter how cool I think they are.

  • I have an amazing community. I know this and am grateful for all the opportunities to enjoy and appreciate them. You. My community grows… Thank you!

  • I don’t mind sweeping as much if there is glitter.

  • It isn’t all bliss and excitement. Some days are hard and ideas are hard to come up with and kids seem uninspired by projects I’m jazzed on.That probably won’t change.

  • No matter what the project if it starts flowing in another direction that excites the young artists (and it’s safe), don’t fight it. That is where the inspiration comes in!

  • I still look forward to every class. In every class there is at least a moment of magic, some discovery, or the big Aha’s that make teaching a class with not enough sleep (thank you 2.5 year old) worth it. I haven't’ been counting, but it seems there is laughter in every class, too.

  • Fela Kuti and Michael Jackson are the two musicians that always get kids smiling and doing little dancy moves as they create. Not Tom Waits.

  • I’m also very much looking forward to working with Grown Ups. Some days more than others.

  • I blog and vlog. Weird.

  • People like my blog/vlog. Honestly surprising. But cool!

  • Learning and growing and changing my mind about things feels good.

  • All paints and colored dough will, if left unmonitored, be turned into a shade of brown.

  • Saying Yes as much as possible helps the young artists know they can be themselves and Go For It! in the studio.That is what it was built for and they are welcome.

  • I have a lot of ideas.

  • I do not Yet get to make enough of my own work. That will be changing as I figure how I do this mama-entrepreneur-artist thing. Like maybe those need to go in different orders at different times.

  • I really should be investing in glue, glue stick and glue gun stick companies.

  • I am so grateful for Big Spirit Studio and the people joining me in it. This I know, but it hits me in waves sometimes. How blessed and privileged I am to get to do what I love with such a great commute and work with super cool people.

There is probably a lot more, That’s what I got right now. Maybe I’ll add them as we go along.

Soon you’ll start hearing about my Fall Schedule as it is taking shape. I am very excited about it and I hope you’ll check it out and take a class or workshop. I’ve got a Grown Up Art Group going, 3d Adventurers and an early Creative Explorers class on Wednesdays for those like us UMCS folks who have 12:30 minimum days!

I’m super excited about my Fall Gift Workshop Series! We will have all kinds of creative workshops for parents and kids to do together! There will be guest teachers and new projects in all kinds of mediums! Please keep an eye on the website as I’m still adding great workshops!

Thanks Y’all!


Gratitude, jenna

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