My Drawing Habit

On Monday I started sketching in a new sketch book. Pencil on paper. As I’ve mentioned before, drawing is my old friend. I used to do it for hours everyday, copying images, trying to get the shading right. Or drawing from my imagination and that thrilling feeling I felt when I could get the image to have form and presence. Just the familiar sensation of pencil graphite on paper brings me back to a state of being very much me. In my body. It is an almost private relationship. A secret incantation that is mine alone. A deep delicious dive into expressing. The push and pull of working the image to get it how I want it to look.


Today my kids are with Grammy and Grandpa. I have some “have to’s” to get to. When they are done, I am going to sit on the couch and then the floor then the couch, maybe with Neil Degrasse Tyson’s Cosmos documentaries on and just draw.

It’s been awhile.

I feel protective of this space and time. I won’t answer the door. I’ll only answer the phone if it is about the kids or my client who is due any moment ( I am also a devoted doula). A moment just for me.

And it is my prayer, my meditation. Making art is my return to myself, my journey through hidden doors to worlds only I can visit and interpret. When I draw or make I feel so present in my body. Or else it doesn’t work. I can’t get the vision out right. but I’m feeling it today!

And, my friends, I want to know about your creative process. Will you please share with me?

What do you like to make?

How does being creative effect your state of mind, your mood, your body?

If you could design a workshop in art and making And it’s teacher completely just for you, what will you make and how does the teacher help?

And /Or I would love to hear about your creative space and time.

Will you please share?

Thank you!

And Please start checking out the Fall Offerings at Big Spirit Studio! I am so excited about the classes and workshops happening here! There is a 3D Adventurers course for kids and My Grown Up Kids Art Group will be starting in September for us “ grown ups”.

The Fall Gift Workshop Series Has something for everyone too! Small Paintings, wearable Felt butterfly wings, Ceramic Fountain Building and More! And I’ll still be adding a few more as my guest teachers get their workshop plans in to me. Make your holiday gifts this year! I promise you’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling when the gift you give is something you made from your own hands!!fall-gift-workshop-series/c15wd

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